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Making the right choice when choosing care at home

Choosing home care in Surrey

Choosing Home Care – where to start?

Choosing home care for a relative is not a simple decision. Every homecare provider promises a great service but, with all the shocking stories of appalling care given to some older people, how can you be sure you are choosing a home care provider that you can fully trust?

As an independently owned and managed home care business in Surbiton, Halo Homecare will give you all the honest advice and information you need to make an informed decision on care at home services for a loved one

The case study below explains how Halo Homecare helped Janet when she was choosing homecare for her mum, Dinah:

Janet choosing care at home for her mother Dinah

Dinah’s daughter, Janet, began to notice that she was a bit less mobile than before. Dinah was taking longer to get up in the morning, and skipping meals every so often because sometimes the effort of cooking for herself was too much. Janet decided that maybe her mum needed a bit of help and got in touch with us.

She talked through her mother’s situation with Nancy who runs Halo Homecare. Nancy said that some support in the morning to help Dinah wash and dress and get breakfast ready might be appropriate, and another short visit at tea-time to make sure that Dinah had a square meal before bed.

Janet talked things through with her mum and they arranged for Nancy to visit Dinah at home when Janet could be there as well. Dinah was doubtful at first, she had managed perfectly well up to now but Nancy explained that home care is not about losing independence – it is about helping people to stay independent in their own home.

As they discussed the kinds of help that might be useful, Dinah began to see that a small number of visits each week could be of help and she was reassured that she could change the services she was receiving at any time by calling Nancy or her team at the Halo Homecare office.

Janet and her mum talked about things after Nancy left, and Dinah decided to give the service a try. We drew up a support plan, which describes the help Dinah receives from Halo Homecare, and Janet helped her mum to set up a direct debit from her bank account to make payment easy.

Before the first visit, Nancy called round to Dinah’s house to introduce her to Liz, her care assistant, and they spent a little while chatting and getting to know each other. A couple of weeks after Liz started regular visits, Nancy reviewed the service with Dinah and Liz to make sure things were running smoothly.

Six months later, Dinah is very happy with her care. Janet has the reassurance of knowing that her mother is in good hands, and every so often she phones Nancy to get an update and make sure everything is okay. Dinah’s needs are reassessed from time to time and the service tweaked so it continues to be exactly what she needs to enable her to live independently at home.

Choosing the Right Level of Care

At this stage you may wonder what is the right combination of support and is now the right time? There is no right answer; some of our clients use us for a shopping trip or help with bathing once a week, while others have personal care and help around the house on a daily basis. We will help you assess what level of support is right – and review the support package with you from time to time to make sure the mix is still right.

To make home a safer place to be, we will advise you to install a small key-safe outside the front door so our care assistants have secure access, and we will liaise with the Fire Service on your behalf for a free smoke alarm installation. Also, we will conduct an initial risk assessment to highlight potential hazards in the home and identify ways to reduce or remove them.

If, like Janet, you are making decisions about homecare for your mum, dad or a loved one, please contact us for an informal chat – we are here to help!


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